This Refer-a-Friend app is a proof-of-concept by 245friends and not supported by Airbnb (yet).

$25 travel credit for the referrer and the referee!

Get $25 each when your friends take a trip & $75 when they rent out their place :)

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Receive a $25 trip credit for each and every friend you refer when they take a trip & $75 when they rent out their place!
  1. Get your AirBnB referrer link here :
  2. Add yourself as a referrer, invite your friends
  3. Track your invites, spend your credits!


Discover AirBnB for your next travel with a complimentary $25 coupon.
  1. Connect with your Facebook / email account
  2. Discover which friend of yours can refer you in
  3. Get their Referral code, and enjoy the ride !
This offer is not provided by Facebook. All information that you enter are used by 245friends rather than Facebook.
This Application is NOT officially supported by AirBnB (yet...)
Nathan / Brian / Joe, if you read this don’t get mad at us but contact us instead! We would be honored to work for AirBnB!

Receiving and Redeeming Travel Credits You will receive travel credit after your referral's qualifying reservation has taken place. As soon as one of your referrals successfully completes a qualifying reservation, you will be credited with the appropriate amount. All of your earned travel credits will be automatically applied to your next qualifying reservation in the form of a coupon, which you will see on the Book It page. You cannot combine your travel credits with an additional coupon. Travel credits expire after one year from the date that any travel credits are last accrued in your account.

Qualifying Reservation A qualifying reservation has a total value of $75 or more. All reservations must be booked, paid for, and completed on the site in order to receive or redeem travel credits. A reservation that is subsequently canceled does not qualify for travel credits. A reservation also does not qualify if you are either the guest or the host on the reservation, or if both the guest and the host were referred by you.

Limited Time Only This incentive program is for a limited time only. The requirements and incentives are subject to change.

We reserve the right to suspend your account and remove referrals should we notice any activity we determine as abuse of the referral program.