× The refer-a-friend offer is expired.
This Refer-a-Friend app is a proof-of-concept by 245friends and not supported by Kiva (yet).

$25 free loans for the referrer and the referee

For every friend you successfully invite to Kiva, you can both earn a $25 free loan!

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When someone joins Kiva through your invitation link, we’ll add a $25 bonus to your account, and you’ll be notified via email. It’s our way of saying thank you for spreading the word about Kiva! A bonus expires 7 days after your invitee joins Kiva, so make sure to put your bonus to use while you have it.


Find out if one of your friends can refer you to Kiva, and get your first $25 loan free to discover how Kiva works.
This offer is not provided by Facebook. All information that you enter are used by 245friends rather than Facebook.
Bonuses can be earned on a "first claimed" basis for as long as funds remain available to be awarded. In the event that funds for bonuses are fully distributed and no further funds remain at a particular time, then no further bonuses will be eligible to be earned and no replacement reward shall apply. Bonuses you earn expire seven (7) days after being added to your account. If a bonus expires, the expired credit cannot be reinstated. Bonuses can only be used to make loans on the www.kiva.org platform that have terms of 21 months or less and are managed by a Field Partner with a risk rating of 3 stars or higher. You cannot withdraw bonuses or transfer bonuses for lending by others. If you make a loan with a bonus, any repayments on that loan are not returned to you, but instead are returned to the account of the sponsor for the bonus.