× The refer-a-friend offer is expired.
This Refer-a-Friend app is a proof-of-concept by 245friends and not supported by Dropbox (yet).

500Mb extra storage space for the referrer and the referee!

For every friend you invite to Dropbox, you both earn 500Mb of extra space!

Already have a Dropbox account?

with Facebook, or with your email address

Want to discover Dropbox?

with Facebook, or from your email contacts


Receive an extra 500Mb storage space for each and every friend you refer to Dropbox when they join up.
  1. Create your promo code & link here: dropbox.com/referrals
  2. Get crackin' and invite people...
  3. Track your invites, and get yourself up to 16Gb storage space for free!


Discover Dropbox with an extra, free 500Mb when you join Dropbox via a referral link.
  1. Connect with your Facebook / email account
  2. Discover which of your friends are able to refer you in!
  3. Click on their referral link and enjoy 500Mb extra of free online storage!
This offer is not provided by Facebook. All information that you enter are used by 245friends rather than Facebook.
This refer-a-friend application is fully-working but NOT officially supported by Dropbox (yet).
Drew, if you read this don’t get mad at us - contact us instead! We would be honored to work for Dropbox :-)